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You hit a Homer Ron! Mary is Delightful.

Best Regards, 

Frank C

Great service.  I met higher quality people than with online dating sites.   The owner took the time to understand what I was seeking in a partner.
Kathy B

Real Results

Ron's service was first rate! He took the time to find out what type of person I was looking for and what my interests are.  He did personality profiles, but more importantly, he spent time talking to me about my perfect match.  I had tried on-line dating and set-ups by friends, both of which was disastrous. (especially the on-line dating)  Ron matched me with terrific guys that I had a lot in common with.  I would say that it is quality over quantity. On-line you could have 3 dates a day (or more) if you wanted, and who you see represented on-line is often very different than when you meet in person.  Ron is very thoughtful in his matches.  You may have less matches than on-line, but the people you meet are authentic and click well with your interests and personality, and are BACKGROUND checked.  So important.  
I have been married almost a year now.  We got engaged last winter after about three years of dating.  Ron introduced me to my husband and I will always be grateful to him for that. 

Randi S

No More Wasted Time


The owner is personable, listens to his clients, and strives to find the best possible match. He won't pair you with anyone he doesn't think you're compatible with, so he doesn't waste your time!

This is a great service for people who have busy work lives, and haven't had much luck with online dating services. Thanks, Ron!

Diane D

Focus Approach that gets Results


Matchmaker of Maine is THE way to find a match. Forget those online dating sites. If you want personalized service and the best chance to meet your special someone, Ron can make it happen.
I signed up with Ron about 2 years ago and met many wonderful ladies. I am SO fortunate that Ron worked patiently with me and found me my perfect someone.
Now, my search is over and I owe it all to Ron.

Bob H

Personalized Service


I join the Matchmaker of Maine and I couldn't believe the service. I received lots of matches, but one guy really stands out. I used on-line dating services before, however, I really must say that the personalized service really makes a difference. I have a busy work life and I don't have time and the energy for the online services. This was the best decision I have made in a long time.

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I have recently met the most wonderful woman imaginable through your organization. I am a 57-year-old executive and have been divorced for several years and can tell you that being alone is no fun. "Joining The Matchmaker of Maine was one of the best decisions I have ever made." The wonderful lady you introduced me to has changed my life in so many ways.

Keep up the good work.
Robert P.

I would like to express my satisfaction with the referrals you have sent me and commend you on your professionalism. I look forward to continuing my membership in the future.
Kevin B.

Ed is a great guy. He is polite, well mannered, attractive and he laughs easily. He is interesting to talk to and conversation flows easily. He talks a much as he listens, asks and answers questions easily and is very comfortable to be with. He called in advance of plans and called the next day to say thanks. He is easy going with plans, anywhere and anytime seem to be ok with him. He is open and sharing of his life and his past and nonjudgmental to answers when I am sharing. He is a pleasure to spend time with.
Thank you,
Jill L.

Very good match! I would like to place my membership on hold.
Barry C.

Lisa, first and foremost, is a beautiful person inside. She is bright, intelligent, focused, a great conversationalist, and an engaging date. There my be other woman at The Matchmaker of Maine however, there could not be anyone more Beautiful!!! that's on top of Lisa being a genuinely warm, nice person, which is the more important quality.
Andy P.

Paul is perfect gentleman, I am very, very attracted to him. He is kind. caring, considerate, open to new ideas, handsome, humorous, good listener, good encourager, hand working, good conversationalist, playful, easygoing, fun to be with, I could go on and on.
Kate L.

I did meet Chad this week. He was great! I think that I should place my membership on HOLD. I think this maybe the one. Thanks again,

Beverly W.